UPSC Assistant Labour Commissioner Exam Analysis

Next UPSC ALC exam is expected to be held in late 2018 or early 2019. It is expected that the number of seats in next exam will be approx 20-25.

Before jumping to How Human Peritus will support you in cracking UPSC ALC exam, let us spend few minutes in understanding nature of this exam based on 2017 and 2015 exams:

(1) Labour Acts: In Nov 2017 exam, Out of total 120 questions, 67 questions were from 14-15 Labour Acts. In 2015 exam, this number was 45. It is most annoying to remember each line of these acts, considering the language in which they are usually written. But this is deal breaker section. You can score very high, because there is nothing conceptual. You just have to remember, what is written. No thinking to be done. To make it easier, our team has compiled all laws in one Booklet of 105 pages, with easy language. In Nov 17 exam, 59 questions (out of 67) were from this single booklet by Human Peritus.

(2) HRM and OB: 8 questions were from Human Resources and Organizational Behaviour in Nov 2017. In 2015 exam, there were 10 questions. Moderate level of difficulty. We have prepared two booklets for this (one with 48 pages and other with 90 pages).

(3) Labour Welfare and Industrial Relations, Natural Justice: 15 questions from these topics in 2017 exam, while there were 20 questions in 2015 exam. Our experts have been working on these topics for last 7 years and know every possible question that can be created. With our one booklet of 72 pages, will make you score at least 75% in this section.

(4) Indian Constitution: 10 questions were from Indian Constitution in 2017 exam. In 2015 exam, there were 25 questions. The questions are not like Civil Services exam, where you need to have conceptual understanding/interpretation. Moderately Difficulty but again no thinking to be done. Just remember, what is written in Constitution. Two options are there to get more than 80% correct, One is to read through 500 pages of Laxmikanth or Second is 130 Pages of our Booklet.

(5) Mathematical Aptitude: 10 question in 2017 exam and 15 questions in 2015 exam. Simple mathematical aptitude questions (Bank PO level). The challenge is not that you do not know how to solve. The challenge is that you are not able to solve in given time (1 minute per question). Thus we have to save time somewhere else so that you can allocate 2-3 minutes for each question. This way, no one can stop you from getting more than 80% correct in this section. We have one booklet of 120 pages for practice questions.

(6) Current Events: 10 questions in 2017 exam and 5 questions in 2015 exam.  Do not put in any effort in preparing for this. Marginal rewards of efforts required are not worth it. Ignore it.

Then, we have created 12 Test Papers (75 Questions each) on Labour Laws, HRM, Organizational Behaviour, Management Theories, Labour Welfare, Industrial Relations, Natural Justice, Trade Union. These 12 Test Papers are NOT merely for practice. There are two very clear objectives:

  • First, you will find many questions appearing in exam from these test papers. Every question is important and has high probability of appearing in actual exam Make sure that you spend good quality time in analyzing Answers and Detailed Explanations. Keep Learning Concepts, while analyzing.
  • Second (very very important objective of these 12 tests), we expect you to build speed to a level where you are able to complete 75 Questions in 37.5 minutes i.e. 30 seconds for each question. The minutes saved here, may be used for Mathematical Aptitude questions. This is Important.

Further there are 3 Full Length Tests.

Based on this understanding,  Subject Expert Team at Human Peritus has created highly concise and focused content for this exam. The Package consists of:

  • Six (6) Booklets as mentioned above
  • Twelve (12) Tests of 75 questions each
  • Three (3) Full Length Tests

With this approach, you can easily Score 80-85 out of 120.

It is very critical to score high in written exam only. One reason is that the competition will be high for this coveted job. Second reason is that UPSC interviews are unpredictable. We want you to secure your seat with high score in written, so that even if you screw up in Interview, you are IN. Start preparing NOW for this coveted Group A Officer job of UPSC.

How to order the material

UPSC Asst Labour Commissioner Exam: Rs 7700

  • 6 Booklets as explained above
  • 12 Test Papers as explained above
  • 3 Full Length Papers 
  • Entire study material is printed & couriered at your home. There are no discounts (Please do not ask for it)
  • You can pay via Paytm, Credit/debit, UPI, Internet Banking or Cash on Delivery. Once paid, we will despatch courier same evening and share DTDC courier tracking number . Delivery time 2-5 days (48 hours for Delhi NCR)
  • Cash on Delivery, COD is available for selected pincodes (major towns only). To order through COD, email at 1) Name 2) Mobile Number 3) Which product you want 4) Delivery Address with landmark.
  • Only for Delhi NCR Students: You can visit our office in Sector 39, Gurgaon and check the material before buying. Our representative will allow you to open the packet and examine study material for 5-20 minutes. If you do not like it, return the packet. No questions asked.

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Five (5) reasons, why you should prepare with Human Peritus:

  1. In Nov 2017 exam, more than 100 questions were from Human Peritus study material.  Check our Nov 2017 Exam Analysis, where we have mapped every question to its source in Human Peritus Study Material.
  2. The content is updated. You will even find Amendments in labour Acts passed in Dec 2017.
  3. We will make you study only what is required for exam and thus ensure success for this coveted UPSC job.
  4. Download “Sample Booklet” given below, to see how we have made entire study material concise yet easy to remember. Then download “Answers & Explanation” given below, where we have written explanations with Answers. Check out “detailed” explanation with each Answer. Check the Quality of Answers/Explanations.
  5. You need not study any other book, not even last year papers. We have taken care of everything. 

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Review of Human Peritus (as emailed to us)

Your material is concise and to the point. Infact I topped ugc-net management dec 2014 exam. Thanks for the material. I gave this exam for Indian Oil I was selected for Indian oil as well. Thanks once again.
05 Sep, 2017, Kamesh Tiwari
I thank you for all the help that your material gave me during my preparation for NET June 2013. I have cleared the exam my roll no is 17171958. It was your concise yet well researched study material and the extensive test series that made my preparation easier and fruitful. I will surely recommend them to any Management NET aspirant.
Oct 25, 2013, Sweety Thomas
The best part about preparing with Human Peritus is that you do not have to go through 20 books to complete the syllabus. Entire syllabus has been covered nicely. Saves you lot of time. I Scored 81.3 % (Roll No 17175160) in June 2012 exam.
09 Jan 2013, Shipra Sud
A short thank you message. God bless you 🙂 It all started few months back, when I was clueless about how to prepare for the exam (UGC - NET) while doing a job. Got to know about HP, ordered notes and the result is here 🙂 All I had to do was to go through the topics step by step (which they have made in a very well maintained order). Just few selected books and a set of paper, that is it. I had the vision, HP showed me the way in an affordable rate. Thank you 🙂 Subject : Labour Welfare/HRM Percentage : 62.29% Cut Off : 61.14%
21 Nov 2016, Sakshi Gupta
I am sharing my experience which I gained from study material provided by your institute.The material is really helpful as it is logical,follows the exam pattern and is precise enough to help candidates like me, who cannot invest much time on exam preparation.And because of your study material I managed to pass the NET 2015,in management code. So I want to thank human Peritus team for guiding and helping me.
12 Apr 2016, Divya Pal
While in job, I do not get much time to prepare after office hours. Human Peitus approach helped in clearing exam with just 45 days of preparation (Roll No 17177615 in June 2012)
20 Feb 2013, Seema Sangwan
I greatly appreciate the question bank series by Human Peritus in Dec 2014. I could clear the UGC NET for HR in 1st attempt having bought the series only 2 months in advance and preparing for it. Most of the UGC NET questions features in the service. Good job done!! Thanks
6 Sep, 2017 Deepak Sawant
I bought the complete set of study material in Sept. 2015. I want to get updated study material. Although I qualified UGC-NET this time, but unable to qualify as JRF. There are diverse set of questions coming in various subjects of management like Managerial Economics. Kindly tell me if any update in study material.
18 Apr, 2016 Sunil Sai

Our Team


Safal teaches in number of B Schools after a successful stint at an American Bank before moving to management teaching and research. Safal has done flagship MBA program from IIM calcutta. Safal is content head and faculty member at Human Peritus


Nitesh is responsible for content and program delivery. He is MBA from FMS Delhi and B Tech from IIT. Nitesh has cracked and has good expertise in clearing prestigious entrance exams like IIT JEE, NTSE, GMAT, FMS, IIFT. He was all India rank One in FMS entrance exam.


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Saumya is faculty at Human Peritus. UGC NET qualified and MBA from Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies, Pune. She is expert in OB, Human Resources Management and Labour Welfare. She also leads marketing and administration at Human Peritus.

Syllabus- UPSC Assistant Commissioner Exam Syllabus

1.  Labour Welfare. 
2.  Social Work and Social Security Laws. 
3.  Industrial Relations. 
4.  Human Resource development. 
5.  Principles of Natural Justice. 
6.  Trade Union Act. 
7.  Trade Union Movement. 
8.  Labour Laws. 
  a. Industrial Disputes Act, 1947. 
  b. Payment of Wages Act, 1936. 
  c. Minimum Wages Act, 1948 
  d. Contract Labour (Regulation & Abolition) Act, 1970. 
  e. Child Labour (P & R) Act, 1986. 
  f. Payment of Gratuity Act, 1972. 
  g. Building & Other Construction Workers (RE & CS) Act, 1996. 
9.  Current Events.   
10.  Constitution of India. 
11.  General Mental Ability.