UGC NET Nov 2017 Labour Welfare Code 55 Answer Key

Nov 2017 Exam Analysis

More than 80% questions were from Human Peritus study material in Nov 2017 exam. With our deep understanding of Management and Labour Welfare subjects, We repeatedly claim that, in every exam, you will find large number of questions from our study material. This time, as evidence of our claim, we have mapped each question to the source in Human Peritus Study Material.

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If you feel that, for any question, our key is incorrect, Please write to us (with source of your answer). We will be happy to make corrections.

Answer Key Paper-3 Labour Welfare UGC NET Nov 2017

S NoQuestionAnswer KeyMention in Human Peritus Material
1Cohesive Groups4Management Theory Booklet Page 59
2Groupthink1Management Theory Booklet Page 59
3Cohesive Groups2Management Theory Booklet Page 59
4Groupthink3Management Theory Booklet Page 59
5Group Cohesiveness2Management Theory Booklet Page 59
6Effects1Paper III-CC, Question 58
7Amalgamated Society of Engineers2 or 3 
8Workforce Diversity3Management Theory Booklet Page 89
9Industrial Disputes Act 19471Labour Regulations Booklet Page 33
10National Association of Letter Carriers3Not Covered
11TQM1Strategic Concepts Booklet Page 10
12Calculation of Gratuity2Paper III-AA, Question 22
13Pluralist Approach Industrial Relations4Paper II-CC, Question 23
14Buzz Sessions3Paper III-CC, Question 62
15Calculation of Bonus1Paper III-CC, Question 37
16Collective Bargaining3Industrial Relations Booklet Page 9
17Empoyment Provident Fund Changes1Not Covered
18Taylor and Weber3Management Theory booklet Page 12
19Ethnocentric Approach4Paper III-AA, Question 75
20Approches2Paper II-C, Question 1 (partial)
21Maintenance of Registers3Not covered
22Process School of Management1Management Theory booklet Page 6
23Definition of Trade Union3Industrial Relations Booklet Page 23
24Compensation due to death4Labour Regulations Booklet Page 16
25Barrier in Communication1Management Theory booklet Page 44
26Industrial Relations Policy in India4Generic Question
27Medical Benefit2Labour Regulations Booklet Page 74
28Aspects of Industrial Relations 3 
29Bargaining1Management Theory booklet Page 66
30Minimum wages Act3Labour Regulations Booklet Page 40
31Payment of Bonus2Labour Regulations Booklet Page 42
32MIS1 or 3Generic Question
33Primary Union4Paper III-CC, Question 16
34National Renewal Fund3Paper III-E, Question 64
35International Recruitment4Paper III-D, Question 54
36Payment of wages Act3Labour Regulations Booklet Page 37
37Industrial Relations Schools1Generic Question
38Hofstede2Paper III-D, Question 62
39Factories Act3Labour Regulations Booklet Page 66
40Industrial Disputes Act 19474Industrial Relations Booklet Page 10-15 
41Mendenhall Training Method2Not Covered
42Maternity Benefit Act1Labour Regulations Booklet Page 23
43Ethics4Not Covered
44Workers participation in Management1Industrial Relations Booklet Page 50
45Equal Remuneration Act 19762Not Covered
46Role Stress3Not Covered
47Trade Union Emergence2Definition
48Disciplinary Process 1 or 4Not Covered
49Overtime- Factories Act2Labour Regulations Booklet Page 70
50Subsistence Allowance4Labour Regulations Booklet Page 57
51Knowledge Workers2Generic Question
52Statutory Body4Labour Regulations Booklet Page 26
53Pygmalion Effect3Paper III-CC, Questions 58
54Annual Leave in Factories Act2Labour Regulations Booklet Page 68
55Free Riders in Trade Union3Not Covered
56Leadership theories1Management Theory Booklet Page 73 and 76
57Beveridge Plan3Paper II-B, Questions 10
58Approaches to disciplinary Action1Not Covered
59Change Management Models2Not Covered Fully (Kurt lewin Covered)
60Unorganized Workers Social Security Act4Labour Regulations Booklet Page 12 (partially covered)
62Learning and Performance Wheel1Not Covered
63Various Committees3Paper III-BB Questions 64, Paper II-H, Questions 50
64Trade Union Act2Section 28 is about Returns
65HRD Matrix4Paper II-C, Questions 10
66Migrant Workmen1Paper III-B, Questions 61
67Court of Inquiry4Labour Regulations Booklet Page 29
68Labour Movement1Industrial Relations Booklet- Approaches Page6-11
69HR Scorecard4Personnel management Booklet- Generic Question
70Badli Workmen3Labour Regulations Booklet Page 31
71Working hours for Children3Labour Regulations Booklet Page 68
72VRS2Generic Question
73Porter Forces and Complementors4Strategic Concepts Booklet Page 30
74International Labour Acts2Paper III-D, Question 19
75Factories Act Amendment Bill 20164Labour Regulations Booklet Page 23

Answer Key Paper-2 Labour Welfare UGC NET Nov 2017

S NoQuestionAnswer KeyMention in Human Peritus Material
1Study of work arrangements2Paper III-H , Question 1
2Authority2Management Theory Booklet Page 13
3Various Thinkers2Paper II-C , Question 1
4Matrix Organixation3Management Theory Booklet Page 31
5Clan Control2Not covered
6Complaints4Paper III-D , Question 70
7Job Description3Paper II-H , Question 6
8HR Planning4Personnel Management Booklet Page 9
9Selection Device2Not Covered
10Progressive Discipline2Generic Question
11HRD Definition2Generic Question
12Career Planning Theories4Paper II-D Question 10, Paper II-H Question 14 
13Workplace Democracy2Doubtful Choices
14Bell Curve4Not Covered
15HRD Approaches3Not Covered
16Organizational Behaviour4Generic Question
17Neotony2Not Covered
18Quality Circle in India4Paper II-D , Question 14
19Role3Not Covered
21Trade Union Definition3Definition
22Featherbedding1Not Covered
23board for industrial and financial reconstruction4Not Covered
24Strike1Industrial Relations Booklet Page 8
25Gherao4Not Covered
26International Federation of Chemical2Paper II-CC , Question 27
27Joint Consultative Board2Paper III-A , Question 30
28ILO Technical Convention1Not Covered. How can student rem all non-fundamental conventions?
29Trade Unions International4Not Covered
30ILO Convention 1824Paper III-BB , Question 46
31Maternity benefit act1Labour Regulations Booklet Page 21
32Emploee Compensation Act3Paper II-BB, Question 34
33Rehabilitation and Re-employment1Paper II-BB, Question 48
34Article 394Labour Regulations Booklet Page 61
35Factories ActAll choices wrongCorrect is 01 Apr 1949
36Protective Labour Legislation3Paper III-H, Question 32
37International Labour Conference1Labour Regulations Booklet Page 92
38Trade Union Act 19262Labour Regulations Booklet Page 61
39Industrial Employment Act 19463Labour Regulations Booklet Page 61
40Industrial Disputes Act 19472Labour Regulations Booklet Page 26, Paper III-BB Question 5
41Relative Concept of LW2Paper II-CC, Questions 42
42Theories of Labour Welfare2Industrial Relations Booklet, Page 45
43Intra Mural  and Extra Mural 3Industrial Relations Booklet, Page 49
44Work stress3Generic Question
45Theory of Labour Welfare3Industrial Relations Booklet, Page 45
46  1 
47Indifference Curve4Not Covered
48Laour Remuneration1Generic Question
49Conditions of workers3Generic Question
50Theory of wages1Paper II-CC, Questions 39