What changed with arrival of NTA in UGC NET for Dec 2018

Now that the National Testing Agency, NTA has been set up, what will change in UGC NET? Students have many queries like “Is the study material updated for NTA” …. “What will change with NTA? …. “Will NTA make the paper tougher” ? .. Let us try to analyze impact of NTA on UGC NET exam to be held in December 2018?

     º   Is there any change in the Syllabus of UGC NET? ………. The answer is NO

     º   Is there any change in type/difficulty of exam questions? ……….. The answer is NO

So what has really changed? What are key things, students should keep in mind?

Generally, there are two success factors for any exam:

     (a) How much you know (Knowledge)?

     (b) How do you attempt on the exam day (Strategy)?

First thing, till 2017, there was ample time to attempt all questions. You had 150 minutes for 75 questions in Paper-3. In fact, most of the students could complete paper within 70-80 minutes (and then start fighting with invigilator to let them go or start looking out of window for some life introspection). All strategies learnt during CAT/UPSC/Bank exams (like Time management, Stress management) were not relevant here. It did not matter, how smartly you attempted on exam day. Only thing that mattered was – “how much do you know”.

But now, things have changed. Now, you have to attempt 100 questions within 120 minutes, which translates into almost one minute per question.

Although it still matters, “how much you know”. But what has become equally important is “how fast you attempt”. Now, you can’t afford to spend disproportionately large time on one question, even if you are sure that you can get it right. You have to learn how to skip the question in first 20 seconds, if you are not sure of the answer. Our experience at Human Peritus says, it is NOT easy to learn this art of “skipping fast”. But you have to practice it.

Even if your preparation level might be average, but if you are able to identify and attempt all “EASY” questions only, you chances of getting through are much higher. After exam, number of your friends will complain that they could not go through all questions due to insufficient time; DO NOT be one of them. If the question is from an unfriendly topic, skip it. If the question involves long calculation, skip it. If you are not able to understand the question even after two readings, skip it.

The focus should be to find out all EASY questions in 80-90 minutes. Make sure that you have gone through all 100 questions in first 90 minutes (out of 120 minutes).

What to do with remaining 30 minutes? Start with Question 1 again and start attempting “Non-Easy” ones. Since there is no negative marking, you should attempt all questions. Use the strategy of elimination; do not attempt any question without elimination of choices. If you are able to eliminate even one choice, your chances of getting that question right are 33%. Similarly, if you can eliminate two choices, your chances are 50%. So, attempt smartly.

Second thing, How will things change, as UGC NET is moving from Paper-based to Online? How will it impact preparation? Based on our experience, at Human Peritus, we strongly believe that, “Online” is good only for “Assessment” and NOT for “Learning”. Students find it more easier to learn, when you have a pen and paper. They may highlight/underline things for later revisions. Thus Students may take few online tests for practice and familiarity, but “Learning” will be faster with traditional methods only.

Third thing, Please note that there is no change in number of topics, which are required to be covered for this exam. You have to go through the same syllabus. While doing previous years’ papers, you still have to go through Third Paper of previous years. Based on our years of experience at Human Peritus, going through last years’ papers is MUST because a large number of questions/concepts get repeated in the UGC NET exam.

To sum up, nothing much has changed with NTA. Please carry on with your preparation without any worries.

All the Best. If there are any views, share with us.



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  1. I’m a student of MBA in HR & Marketing. I need material according to new syllabus. Tell me the price so I can buy.
    Is it beneficial to prepare from this material??

  2. I have completed M.A. Labour management in the year 2016. Can I still apply for UGC Net exam and suggest me which one will be the best either JRF or Assistant Professor or both?

  3. I am a MBA student I have done MBA in Marketing and HR. So which will be beneficial for me.. Marketing or HR in UGC net exam.

  4. Sir,
    I have already ordered for paper 1.courier on the way.after study some days definitely order for paper 2 in hrm. I am an MBA in hr with 1st class marks.hope to score this marks at least by help of your study materials in UGC NET.THANKS.

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