UGC NET Labour Welfare & Industrial Relations Code-55 – Preparation Tips

Next UGC NET exam is expected to be held in Dec 2018. What are some of important considerations, to crack this exam with high score? Before jumping to books, notes and study material, one must analyze important features of exam:

  1. UGC NET Labour Welfare is poorly designed. Instead of analyzing conceptual understanding, the examiner is more interested in cramming, events, dates and years. This labour union was formed in which year? Which thinker said which line in 1800s? What are 100 recommendations in First Labour Commission? Which labour Act provisions for canteen, housing facility or first aid kit ?
  2. You will see that there is ample time during exam. You will be able to attempt all questions in half the allocated time. It is not important how fast you attempt, what is important is “how much you know”.. So no need of Time Management skills like CAT exam.
  3. Most of questions are Theoretical in nature. Hardly any numerical.
  4. There are some topics from which questions definitely keep repeating.
  5. There will be few questions, which you will not be able attempt even after 20 years of preparation.  So focus has be on, what is prescribed in syllabus.

UGC NET Labour Welfare and Industrial Relations- Code 55 – Tips to crack the exam

So what to do?

DO NOT buy any UGC NET ready available on online portals … Why?? Because of two reasons…

Reason One…. No one can create a book within 300-400 pages, which can cover entire syllabus.

Reason Two… These books are just copy paste of your Bulkier MBA books.. The Authors did not care to even have a look at syllabus..

Still not convinced…Do one small experiment… Buy one such book…Download any last year paper. All papers are available on Human Peritus website. Try to find, how many exam questions are explained in your book. You will be disappointed.

UGC NET Labour Welfare and Industrial Relations Study Material

So Which Books/Notes/Study material to follow?

Start your preparation with your traditional MBA books. But you do not have to read everything unless, you are planning to write exam in 2022.  Take a print out of syllabus. It is available on UGC website.(or take it from “Human Peritus” website). Look at each keyword in syllabus and mark your topics in MBA books. With this approach, finish your syllabus as soon as you can. Only selected topics please.

Now starts real work…Download all last year papers and answer keys. Now start solving questions one by one…While solving each question, try to understand the “entire concept” not just the question.

For example, if question is:

In which year AITUC was formed??
(1) 1926
(2) 1920
(3) 1946
(4) 1956

Now do not just look for the year (Option 2)? Also Google and find out, what is full form of AITUC? It is associated with which political party (CPI)? Which are other major trade unions (INTUC, BMS, CITU, HMS) and in which year they were formed (1947, 1954, 1970, 1948) ? What are political affiliations of each party (Congress, BJP, CPI(M), Socialist) ? etc etc….Do not just solve the question…Learn the Concept…Questions will not repeat in next exam…Concepts will repeat…You should be equipped handle any question on Trade Union Formation/Affiliation, just because you did one question.

Please mind it that, it will take time. May be 10-11 hours for each paper….But if you attempt all last years papers (8-10 papers) with this approach, No one can stop you from getting very good score in UGC NET.

Human Peritus Study material has been prepared with this Strategy. This is reason, why more than 90% questions were from our study material in Jul 2018 Exam. Check our July 18 Answer Key, where we have mapped every question of July 18 exam to its source in Human Peritus Study Material. To understand, how we can support you in cracking UGC NET, we request you to spend 3-4 minutes in reading through our strategy at Home Page).

All the best.

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  1. Hi,
    I have gone through the article. But I am very curious to know that from paper 3, according to human peritus key answers I was getting 39 as correct answers but when I cross checked with the official key answers I got only 31 as correct.
    My doubt is which one is correct..?
    Either human peritus or cbse net key answers..?
    Answer me.

  2. Require books to study for UGC net. Human resources management code 55. Paper 2&3
    Name of the book and that I can buy and prepare for it

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