IBPS SO HR Syllabus Books Question Papers

Syllabus- IBPS SO HR/Personnel Officer Exam

The Syllabus of IBPS SO HR/Personnel Officer is NOT prescribed by IBPS. Some of high level topics, from which questions are expected, are:

Classical and Modern Theories of Management
Organisational behavior
Attitudes, Learning, Motivation, Perception, Values, Group, Leadership, change Management, conflict Management, Personality

Human Resources Management
Planning, Job analysis, Job Description, Recruitment and Selection, Induction, Training, Performance Appraisal, Development, Dispute Resolution, Compensation and Benefits, Employee Discipline, Career Planning and Development

Personnel Management

Industrial Relations
Labour Welfare

Trade Unions

Labour legislation
Factories Act, 1948
Employees State Insurance Act, 1948
Workmen’s Compensation Act, 1923
Maternity Benefit Act, 1961
Trade Unions Act, 1926
Industrial Employment ( Standing orders ) Act, 1946
Industrial Disputes Act, 1947
Minimum Wages Act, 1948
Payment of Wages Act, 1936
Equal Remuneration Act, 1976
Payment of Bonus Act, 1965
Unorganized Workers Act 2008
Child Labour Act 1986

Principles and Theories of labour legislation, Evolution of labour legislation in India, International Labour Organization, ILO

Preparation Strategy for IBPS SO HR Exam 2019

Thinking how to Crack IBPS SO HR/Personnel Officer Exam last 1 month? Spend 2-3 minutes in reading this page…….

Human Peritus specializes in Management subject. Our expert team has created “most comprehensive yet focused and concise” content for IBPS SO – HR Officer Exam. The Preparation Strategy has 2 components:

Component 1: You will get following 5 Printed Booklets at home through courier:

(1) Labour Acts: It is most annoying to remember each line of Labour Acts, considering the language in which they are usually written. But this is deal breaker section. You can score very high, because there is nothing conceptual. You just have to remember, what is written. No thinking to be done. To make it easier, our team has compiled 16-17 labour laws in one Booklet of 80 pages only, with easy language.

(2) Human Resources Management: One Booklet of 80 pages covering HR Planning, Recruiment, Selection, Induction, Mobility, Performane and Compensation, Career System, T&D, Evaluation of HR, Discipline, Grievance, Diversity, International HRM etc.

(3) Organizational Behaviour: One Booklet of 130 pages covering Functions of Management, Theories of Management, Org Design and Structure, Attitude, Learning, values, Personality, Communication, Motivation, Group, Decision making, Conflict, Leadership and Change, OD, Culture, Stress and fatigue etc.

(4) Industial Relations: One Booklet of 65 pages coverinApproaches/Theories/Principles of LW, Collective bargaining, ILC, SLC, Codes, Tripartism, History of LW in India (all events), Trade Unionism development, Latest developmenets in Ministry of Labour and Employment, Labour Commissions, WPM, ILO and other international bodies, ILO etc.

(5) Labour Market: Demand and Supply of Labour, Wage Differentials, wage Theories, Unemployment, TQM, QWL etc.

Component 2: Next you will get access to a question bank (approx. 1700 Questions) on our online platform (from 22 Oct 18). There are two exciting things about these practice questions:

First,(and this is Super Exciting), each question has detailed explanation. The objective of this is not to “assess” you but make you “learn” while doing every question. Check out few samples by Click Questions and Click Explanations. Now imagine yourself going through explanations of 1700 such questions. By doing this, you will become so confident that no question will appear unfamiliar to you in actual exam. This is most valuable component of preparation plan.

Second, Questions are bucketed topics wise. Thus you get flexibility to extra focus or ignore one or more types of questions. You can do cutomized learning, only in those areas, where you feel the need.

If you go through these 2 Components with us, You are ready to crack IBPS SO HR exam with great score. Please note that you need NOT refer any other book or previous year Papers. Nothing else. The time saves here may be used for other sections.

With this approach, you can easily get 50-55 corect out of 60. Please note that, it is most comprehensive coverage. The objective is to make you score high in written exam only, so that any shortcoming during interview may not negatively affect chances of selection.

This Package is available for a price of Rs 4900.

Five (5) Reasons, why you should prepare with Human Peritus:

  1. We will make you score 50-55 out of 60 with 30-40 days of preparation.
  2. The content is updated. You will even find Amendments in labour Acts passed as recent as Oct 2018.
  3. The examniner asks questions from topics beyond traditional MBA books and this requires study from multiple resources for same topic. For example, in traditional MBA books, we find only popular theories on Change Management such as Kurt Lewin, John Kotter and Backhard; whereas these exams expects us to know additional (less heard) theories such as Nadler/Tushman, Ulrich, Neo Trichy, Kanter and Beer theories. We have covered all with years of research on question papers.
  4. The Package is result of years of research of our expert team. This is the reason, why so many questions appear in exam from our content. (90% questions in UGC HR Jul 18, 85% in ALC Nov 17, 80% UGC HR Nov 17 etc)
  5. You need not study any other book, not even previous years’ papers. We have taken care of everything in our comprehensive coverage.

Still, If you have any queries for us, reach out to us through Contact Us (given below).


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